Neat work beats zinc!, Beaumont, Dublin

Neat work beats zinc!

Mihai Oprisan shows the way with first class construction and finish.

This beautifully finished residential extension was completed and handed over in July 2019 after a great deal of hard work and attention to detail.

Rather than opting for a traditional metal roof, Mihai chose to use the Dryseal system for cost and aesthetic reasons. As you can see from the high standard of finish on all elements of the extension and garage, Mihai is very uncompromising and strives to leave the best possible result for the client.

Technical Manager John Godley said, “In over twenty years of working with new Dryseal installations, I have rarely seen such high standards of work, which are a testament to Mihai’s attention to detail”.

The use of the Dryseal “rib” trim that you can see in these photographs involves careful attention to detail from the Dryseal installer but can lead to exceptional results as you see here, the added benefit being cost savings compared to a metal raised seam system.

Dryseal Manager Andy Fell is quoted “It is so heartening to see that pride in the job is still alive and kicking!

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