Ballinagare Roscommon

Trip down memory lane

This stylish bespoke house was designed and built to high standards in 2018, the aim being to achieve very demanding aesthetics. Set in spacious grounds which emphasise the good looks of the house, Phil Boardman of P Q Fibreglassing Ltd commented “The demanding standards of construction and the need to integrate our roof waterproofing with other trades posed quite a few challenges for my team”.

Over a 6-month phased construction period, the Dryseal team had to ensure a complete seal to hidden areas inside chimneys, forming complicated detailing around the architectural rooflights and dressing the multiple decorative ‘rib’ trims whilst ensuring that the demanding weather didn’t defeat their progress. Phil admitted “The job nearly beat us at times, but we worked as a team to produce a really good, finished product that I am delighted to re-visit after 5 years has elapsed”.

The 5-year inspection interval which is recommended as part of the 20-year leak-free Dryseal guarantee has revealed no major problems and confirms that the system is performing to expected standards with minimal future maintenance requirements.

Dryseal Manager Andy Fell said “It is satisfying to inspect a job that
I first saw during the installation 5 years go performing exactly as designed. The quality of finish achieved by P Q Fibreglassing is commendable.”

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