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Skerries (Irish: Na Sceirí, meaning “The Rocks”) is a seaside town in County Dublin, Ireland. The name comes from the Norse word skere which has descended into the Irish word na sceirí.

Early writers tell how an island off Skerries was used in the second century as a landing place for a Norman invasion. When the invaders landed, they formed ranks and at low tide marched to the mainland, where they were promptly defeated at the ancient settlement of Knocknagin, north of Balbriggan.

A lovely seaside resort with “picture postcard” characteristics, Skerries is very popular with visitors from Dublin for a weekend break or family summer holiday, with kite-surfing and water sports being high on visitors’ lists along with the high quality local seafood restaurants. The housing development at Ballygossan Park is proving very popular and is filling rapidly; almost as soon as each property is completed, the sale goes through!

There are 2,500 m2 of Dryseal roofs completed up to date on this site. Most of the new house types have a flat roof, varying in size from 10 m2 dormers to 90 m2 of main house roof. The dormers are fitted with decorative trims to imitate zinc on the cheeks and faces, with the top coat being specially blended to suit the architect’s choice of colour.

We are told that the first phase of development is for 102 houses with plans for a railway station, shops, and a school in the pipeline. The development is at the half-way stage, with construction by Noonan Construction continuing apace.

Dryseal Approved Contractor P Q Fibreglassing Ltd have been instrumental in introducing Dryseal to the Client and Architect and have completed all roofs to a very high standard.

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