Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ School Opts for Dryseal Again

 In May 2017, longstanding Dryseal installer McGrath Roofing Ltd of Finchampstead successfully completed the second substantial Dryseal installation on the Glenthorne High School in Sutton, South West London. This phase was the Dining Room, waterproofed during April and May 2017.

The first installation was completed in 2016 to waterproof the Hub, including the Main Entrance and Circulation Area.

Construction is due for completion by O&D Construction Ltd during September 2017.

The Architect for this phase was again Plan A. Glenthorne High School is one of several school projects where Plan A have preferred Dryseal over other roofing membranes.

Plan A’s Architect Director Paul Ginever said “The school were very keen to invest in a product which would serve them for a long period of time rather than opting for a short-term cost saving option, and it was a decision that we were very happy to support. We have specified Dryseal on a number of public and private projects with confidence that it would contribute to the long-term robustness of the building fabric. We are very happy with the
finish and quality of installation”.

Dryseal Manager Andy Fell said “McGrath Roofing’s work enhances the qualities of Dryseal as a warm roof covering, as well as emphasising the versatility of the system when used for vertical work and detailing such as coping ecapsulation. We are delighted with the standard of installation and finished work”.

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