INEX Works of Dublin become New Contractors

INEX Works have joined Hambleside Danelaw’s team of Approved Dryseal Contractors. In September 2014, our Technical Manager John Godley visited Ireland to train the team from INEX Works at PQ Fibreglassing in Lanesboro, County Longford.

Earlier in the year, the Hambleside Danelaw Dryseal team decided to run a training course in conjunction with PQ Fibreglassing, our Approved Distributor in Ireland. The course took place in PQ Fibreglassing’s new training facility. John taught the attendees on the theory of the Dryseal system before demonstrating how to install it. The trainees then tried out the installation process for themselves, to great success.
The whole training event went very well; John highlighted how pleased we are to have Ivan and the team from INEX Works on board as Approved Dryseal Contractors:

“We were delighted when Ivan from INEX Works approached us to look into becoming an approved contractor as the company always demonstrates excellent workmanship on their various construction projects. When conducting a Dryseal training course, we ensure contractors know the product inside out and are confident with the tools, and more importantly we make sure they leave knowing why Dryseal is the best flat roofing solution.”

To become an Approved Dryseal Contractor contact us via telephone on 01327 701900 or email and for details on INEX Works visit the contractors page.


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Dryseal can only be installed by approved contractors. Click on the link to find one near you.


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