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New Case Study on Percy Street, Dublin

Meltedsnow on Percy Street

Dryseal was chosen as the roofing system of choice for a design house on Percy Lane, Dublin. The GRP fibreglass roof was specified by Meltedsnow Architects, an extremely reputable local Architects Practice. The project includes detailing around a large architectural rooflight.

Read about the project here.

How to avoid common pitfalls with your flat roof

Even as a leading roofing materials manufacturer, we have to admit that ‘flat’ roofs are not always attractive and can be troublesome. However, a water-tight flat roof is an absolute essential for peace of mind.

You may think that the goal of a fully sealed flat roof is a simple proposition, but common pitfalls are:

  • Inadequate design
  • Insufficient insulation
  • Unsightly edge details
  • Poorly sealed junctions and abutments
  • Poorly trained and inexperienced ‘roofers’

What most home owners want is a good looking reliable roof

It doesn’t seem a lot to ask, does it? Very often, what they get is a disappointing and problematic, not to mention, expensive liability. Poorly installed and badly finished roofs not only put your property at risk but can also badly let down its appearance. They can lead to expensive running repairs and reduced property value.

Poorly installed, uneven and messy felt roofing is seen all too often.

Poor details in roof construction are the most common reasons for water ingress into a property. Because of the fact that with many roof covering systems, detailing has to be decided upon as the job progresses, potential problems aren’t always thought through.

With Dryseal, good, robust, weather tight detailing comes as standard

This unique mechanically fixed GRP (fibreglass) roofing system comes with a comprehensive range of pre-formed trims which can accommodate even the most complex detailing requirements ….. Simply, effectively and reliably.

Dryseal offers:

  • Crisp clean lines
  • Proven weather-tight detailing
  • Robustness – a roof covering that also looks good
  • Thermal reliability – a system that copes with thermal movement without problems
  • Assurance – insurance backed guarantee of water tightness for 20 years

All this can be achieved by contacting one of our many trained Dryseal specialist installers who can be found online at Dryseal Approved Contractors.

Dryseal. Dependable detailing.

For further details on Dryseal, please contact the team by telephone: 01327 701900, or by email:

Revised Building Regulations in Ireland

A certificate of compliance must now be signed off in order to comply with the revised Irish building regulations. Specialist sub-contractors must take responsibility for their applications. Furthermore, Contractors must check specialist sub-contractor’s work, and sign this off to accept and the products they are using adhere to the new regulations, under the four organisations who act as Design Certifiers and Assigned Certifiers:

  • The Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland (ACEI)
  • Engineers Ireland (EI)
  • The Royal Institution of Architects of Ireland (RIAI)
  • The Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland (SCSI)

Revises to the regulations are described by The Engineers of Ireland:

“The Ancillary Certificates are required to be signed off by a Principal or Director of the company employing the individual who prepared the Ancillary Certificate. The selection of the person who signs off on the Ancillary Certificate is a matter for the company concerned in compliance with their own Professional Indemnity Insurance.”

Dryseal is a fully compliant system for three reasons. Firstly, Hambleside Danelaw offers manufacturer training in specialist training centres, Dryseal holds BBA certification, and finally it holds an insured installed guarantee. Thus, even once fitted, the guarantee covers the material and the installation, which is not commonplace for roofing systems. In recent months, Dryseal has been used as the favourable roofing system as there is no grey area with Dryseal; it simply complies with all the revised regulations.

To read about the changes to the Irish Building Regulations, please visit:


For more information on Dryseal, or to become an approved contractor, please email

New Building Regulations increase Dryseal demand….

February 2015 saw the third Dryseal training course completed at P Q Fibreglassing’s premises in Co Longford. This reflects the sustained demand across Ireland from contractors wanting to have access to the growing Dryseal brand.

Our new Irish contractors are impressed with the quality of support and technical back-up provided by Hambleside Danelaw, unlike many ‘wet lay’ GRP system manufacturers. They believe that the pre-cured Dryseal system, complete with a 20 year ‘leak free’ guarantee, BBA certification and full technical support, offers a much better proposition for customer and installer alike.

John Godley, Technical Manager, said that “All five of the newly trained companies achieved a very high quality standard and I was delighted to learn that Kevin McGowran of K M Builders started a 100 m2 Dryseal job two days after the training course”. Leo Collins Construction also have work to start, with site assistance and supervision provided by Dryseal’s Approved Distributor for Ireland, PQ Fibreglassing.

PQ Fibreglassing’s Managing Director, Phil Boardman said: “we welcome Neil Sheridan from Co. Monaghan, Leo Collins of Newry, Regan Roofing and K M Builders from Dublin. Lastly, Wexford Timber Frame Homes, seeking a top quality roofing system to complement their high standard of timber frame product.”

Andy Fell, Dryseal Manager said: “we are pleased to now be able to offer the Dryseal system across Ireland via one of twelve Approved Contractors. We’re delighted at the continued high level of interest in Dryseal and fully expect demand to continue to grow as it has done over the last two years, especially in view of the 2014 stringently enforced Building Regulation changes”.

Dryseal gets Zero in BBA test

BBA 95/3114 Logo

BBA_Dryseal_November_2014Hambleside Danelaw submitted the Dryseal GRP mechanically fixed, component based waterproofing membrane to the British Board of Agrément for ‘zero-falls’ testing and accreditationn.

Dryseal was submerged in water at 60°C for 6 months, and then was subjected to a series of rigorous tests for water penetration, material bond strength, indentation and tensile characteristics.

Dryseal was submerged in water at 60°C for 6 months, and then was subjected to a series of rigorous tests for water penetration, material bond strength, indentation and tensile characteristics.

In September 2014, Dryseal passed with flying colours with “no water penetration”, and withstood a maximum tensile load requirement of over 22 kN/m, with negligible change from the original sample.

Now Agrément Certificate 95/3114 has been re-issued with full ‘zero-falls’ accreditation. Dryseal can now be used on roofs with falls less than 1:80, a common requirement for terrace areas and roof gardens.

The NHBC will only allow the use of fully independently accredited waterproofing systems in ‘zero-falls’ installations. Dryseal has now been proven to achieve the requirements.

Andy Fell, Hambleside Danelaw Dryseal Manager, said: “We’re delighted at this authoritative proof that the advanced characteristics of Dryseal can easily satisfy the ever increasing demands made on modern roof covering systems.”

Dryseal waterproofs a shipping container home in Dublin!

Hambleside Danelaw’s Dryseal was chosen as the roofing solution for a project which converted a shipping container into a home for a family in Dublin.

A team of volunteers worked to create the RIPPLE container home project. Ceardean architectural design + selfbuild and Buyers Broker International assisted in the build which took three days in late November 2014. The team completely refurbish a container unit and turned it into a fully functioning home.

Dryseal Approved contractor P Q Fibreglassing of County Longford gladly donated their services and Hambleside Danelaw supplied the Dryseal materials free of charge to waterproof the new home.

The home has been donated to the St Vincent de Paul charity, and it is intended to be made available as short-stay accommodation for families as an alternative to a hostel or hotel.

Scheduled for a 1 hour TV programme in Ireland in the near future, followed by a book documenting the whole container home process in 2015, the project has attracted considerable media attention.


INEX Works of Dublin become New Contractors

INEX Works have joined Hambleside Danelaw’s team of Approved Dryseal Contractors. In September 2014, our Technical Manager John Godley visited Ireland to train the team from INEX Works at PQ Fibreglassing in Lanesboro, County Longford.

Earlier in the year, the Hambleside Danelaw Dryseal team decided to run a training course in conjunction with PQ Fibreglassing, our Approved Distributor in Ireland. The course took place in PQ Fibreglassing’s new training facility. John taught the attendees on the theory of the Dryseal system before demonstrating how to install it. The trainees then tried out the installation process for themselves, to great success.
The whole training event went very well; John highlighted how pleased we are to have Ivan and the team from INEX Works on board as Approved Dryseal Contractors:

“We were delighted when Ivan from INEX Works approached us to look into becoming an approved contractor as the company always demonstrates excellent workmanship on their various construction projects. When conducting a Dryseal training course, we ensure contractors know the product inside out and are confident with the tools, and more importantly we make sure they leave knowing why Dryseal is the best flat roofing solution.”

To become an Approved Dryseal Contractor contact us via telephone on 01327 701900 or email and for details on INEX Works visit the contractors page.


Ireland demands more from Dryseal

 The BBA Certified Dryseal mechanically fixed GRP roof membrane system is winning fans among architects and contractors alike in Ireland. So much so, that three new installers completed the comprehensive installation training course at the P Q Fibreglassing Dryseal training facility in County Longford during November 2014.

George Morris from Midleton Co. Cork, Niall Mooney from Balbriggan Co Dublin and Frank Murphy and ‘Snowy’ (Mark Brew) of Frank Murphy Construction from Dublin are the system’s latest Approved Contractors.

The 20 year guaranteed Dryseal system is now being offered by six contractors across Ireland, with three more to follow by Christmas 2014, ensuring that the ever-increasing demand for Dryseal will continue to be fulfilled.

Recently trained Inex Works and G M Building Services have both already finished their first installation with excellent results. Site assistance and supervision was provided by Dryseal’s Approved Distributor for Ireland, PQ Fibreglassing.

PQ Fibreglassing’s Managing Director, Phil Boardman said:
“We’re delighted at the high level of interest in Dryseal and we fully expect this to continue as more and more clients recognise the obvious benefits of the unique mechanically fixed GRP roof membrane.”

Expansion Plans for Hambleside Danelaw

After a long period of serious recession there has been an improvement in economic indicators in recent months, notably in the key construction sector.

The current improvement provides grounds for optimism about the future and Hambleside Danelaw’s recent performance reflects a positive outlook which returns it to the position it was in prior to the financial crash of 2008.

Based on current trading conditions, Hambleside Danelaw is announcing a major new investment in the long term future of UK manufacturing capacity in the Rooflights and Cladding sector by commissioning a new GRP production line, similar to its existing plant at Inverness.

The new production line will be installed at the Company’s Daventry factory, which will be extended to accommodate it with the support of Daventry District Council.

By locating the rooflight element of GRP production to Daventry, close to its core markets, it will allow Hambleside Danelaw to reduce lead times, improve logistics and thereby further improving customer service.


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